War is unimaginably horrific, rife with atrocities that defy human comprehsion. But after a war is over and order is restored, does hatred disappear?

The Nazi Midwife is a compelling, hour-long documentary that unearths a chilling story that time has almost buried - a systematic murder of Jewish babies in a DP camp in the American military zone after the end of the war.

Growing up in Montreal, writer Gina Roitman could not or would not believe the strange stories her mother recounted. Her mother didn't trust the doctors in the DP camp because there were "just too many dead babies." To Gina, her mother was paranoid but her fear of all of all things German justifiable.

Yet Gina ignores the stories until years after her mother's death, a startling encounter with a Nazi whistleblower luresher back to Passau, Germany. This is the place where Gina was born, the town that Hitler once called home. She tracks down the now very old survivor who knows the truth. He berates Gina for almost waiting too long and then tells her the story of the baby killings. The story of "The Nazi Midwife".

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